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On April 19, 2021, the Northampton County Board of Commissioners adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for Northampton County. 
The new Comprehensive Plan describes existing conditions in Northampton County and sets a vision for the future,
along with recommended implementation actions to help achieve that future. 
Following are links to download the full Comprehensive Plan, and to download a shorter Executive Summary of the Plan.

Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance Amendments


Planning Board
Land Use Plan
December 3, 2020 Advisory Committee Meeting, Information.

November 4, 2020

Northampton County is in the process of preparing a 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan, for consideration by the community and the Northampton County Board of Commissioners.  A draft has been prepared for community review and is available for viewing and downloading here:  Plan  The Plan is intended to focus on the future of Northampton County, and to provide information and guidance as decisions are made regarding future land use and development. 
The Comprehensive Land Use Plan, once adopted by the Board of Commissioners, will serve as a policy document that outlines a vision and goals for the future of Northampton County, with a focus on land use issues.  An Advisory Committee was appointed by the Board of Commissioners to discuss land use issues in Northampton County, review draft documents, and make recommendations to the Board.  Beginning its work in March, 2020, the Advisory Committee was made up of 16 members representing various interests within Northampton County, including County Residents, Homebuilders and Developers, Property Owners, Business Owners, and Service Providers. 
North Carolina now has a requirement that, in order for a jurisdiction to maintain and administer zoning regulations, that jurisdiction must have an adopted Comprehensive Plan to guide decision-making.  This Draft Plan has been prepared for community review, with intent of aligning with NC statutes and requirements. 
The Draft Plan will be reviewed and considered by the Northampton County Planning Board, which is expected to discuss the draft and make recommendations at its meeting that is tentatively scheduled for November 16, 2020.  A Public Hearing on the Draft Plan has tentatively been scheduled for the County Board of Commissioners meeting on December 7, 2020.  Confirmation of dates for those meetings and discussions will be posted on this website, with times and locations and instructions for remote access, once confirmed. 
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