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Tax Collections - All County taxes are billed and collected by this office. All inquires concerning taxes owed or paid can be directed to the Collections Office.

Land Records - County tax maps are maintained by this office where copies can be purchased by the public. Current real estate ownership is mapped by the plotting of metes and bounds from recorded deeds and plats. Parcel identification numbers are assigned to each piece of real estate.

Appraisal - The Appraisal Office maintains the listings of real estate and improvements thereon. The value of real property is determined by applying the Schedule of Rules, Standards and Values adopted during the previous revaluation.

Tax Administrator:
Cathy B. Allen

Assistant Tax Administrator:
Kathy S. Butler

Chief Tax Collector:
Edna Johnson

Chief Appraiser:
Avery L. Davis

GIS Coordinator:
Joy H. Edwards

104 Thomas Bragg Street
PO Box 637
Jackson, NC 27845

Phone Collection:  (252)534-4461
Land Records:  (252)534-5941
Listing:  (252)534-3431
Revaluation:  (252)534-1309

Fax: (252)534-1406



Online Tax Forms

Tax forms and information

NC Property Tax Forms
2015 Tax Rates-Fees
Present Use
List of Foresters who will prepare a Tax Forestry Plan  
2015 Exemptions & Exclusions

2017 Tax Liens as advertised, they are listed in these 12 Documents, and are listed alphabetically starting with the A’s in the first Document and Z’s in the last.

2017 Tax Liens Doc 1
2017 Tax Liens Doc 2
2017 Tax Liens Doc 3
2017 Tax Liens Doc 4
2017 Tax Liens Doc 5
2017 Tax Liens Doc 6
2017 Tax Liens Doc 7
2017 Tax Liens Doc 8
2017 Tax Liens Doc 9
2017 Tax Liens Doc 10
2017 Tax Liens Doc 11
2017 Tax Liens Doc 12

Tax forms and Information
2017 Advertising of Tax Liens
The following is the list of 2017 Advertising of Tax Liens as of April 22, 2017.  The listings are in alphabetical order as printed in the news paper.
2017 Ads

However, we do send our apologies to the following names that were printed in error:  Jeffery Gaston Baker & J G, and Jeffery Gaston Baker and Renee.


2016 Advertising of Tax Liens