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Northampton County Tax Department
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To effectively and efficiently served the citizens of Northampton County, while providing superior customer service.

2023 Listing Period
  If you would like to appeal your 2023 value, you must do so in writing.
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Tax Administrator:
Jaime B. Mason

Assistant Tax Administrator:
Daniela Byer 

Chief Tax Collector:
Edna Johnson

GIS Coordinator:
Joy Edwards

Rhonda Garner

104 Thomas Bragg Street
PO Box 637
Jackson, NC 27845

Phone Collection:    (252)534-4461
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A drop box is located at 104 Thomas Bragg Dr., Jackson, NC 27845.
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To pay by phone please call:  (252) 534-4461
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2022 Advertising of Tax Liens


Under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 105-369 of the North Carolina General Statutes pursuant to an order of the Board of Commissioners of Northampton County and the Town Council of Gaston, Lasker, Rich Square, Seaboard and Woodland, I am hereby advertising unpaid tax liens for the year 2021.  As required by law I am advertising in the name of the owner of record as of January 6, 2021, which is the date the property, became delinquent. The amount shown includes cost and interest.  Omission of cost and interest will not constitute a waiver of Northampton County’s claim for those items. Northampton County may foreclose the tax liens and sell the real property subject to its liens in satisfaction of its claim of taxes.

Ad List

When a parcel was subdivided after January 1, 2022 and ownership of one or more of the resulting parcels was transferred the amount of the tax lien on each parcel as shown in this advertisement is the amount of the lien on the original parcel as it existed on January 1, 2022 and is subject to adjustment when the taxes are paid or the lien is foreclosed.


2022 Tax Bills

Tax bills were due September 1, 2022.  Interest will not begin until after January 5, 2023.  Tax bills are always due September 1st of each year.  Tax bills are late and interest will be added after January 5th of each year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at (252) 534-3431 or (252) 534-4461.

Thank you,
Jaime B. Mason
Tax Administrator

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