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Northampton County
Office of the Sheriff 
OBJECTIVE: To serve and protect the citizens of Northampton County. To enforce the laws of N.C and the Constitution of the U.S.

MISSION: To maintain a high quality of life for all residents and visitors of Northampton Co. We have adopted a philosophy of Community Oriented Law Enforcement working in partnership with citizens to develop policing services to meet the unique needs of the community, while assuring fairness, equal treatment, and protection to all.

VISION for the future is to become a leader in Law Enforcement through partnerships with the citizens we serve that promote crime prevention, mutual trust, and strategies that ensure a high standard of life. Our vision of Community Oriented Policing is anchored by the idea of establishing and maintaining a partnership with the community we serve.

Jack E. Smith

105 W.Jefferson Street
Jackson, NC 27845
Phone: (252)534-2611
Fax: (252)534-1408

Chief Jailer:
Milton Drew
105 W.Jefferson Street
Jackson, NC 27845
Phone: (252)534-3901
Fax: (252)534-1299

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Missing Persons (Shared with Halifax County NC)

Missing Person- Daniel Moses

Missing Person- Shawn Corneilus Alston

Missing Persons: