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Northampton County
Department of Social Services 
The Northampton County Department of Social Services provides social services and financial assistance to county residents who meet eligibility criteria. The purpose of these services is to enable individuals to function at their maximum level of independence, provide short-term financial stability while pursuing a goal of self-sufficiency, and to empower families and individuals with skills needed to cope with the pressures associated with being caretakers for children, disabled adults, or the frail elderly. Services provided include, Adoption, Services to the blind, Child and Adult Protective Services, Guardianship, Foster Care, Long-term Care Services, Child Day Care, Food Assistance, Work First Family Assistance programs, Child Support Services, Medical Assistance, and Transportation for medical appointments. The Department provides eligibility determination and program integrity for state and federal income assistance programs, general assistance and seasonal emergency programs.

Shelia Manley-Evans

Administrative Officer/Personnel:
Sondra Vann

Budget Officer:
Pam Riddick

Adm. Assistant/Adm. Support Supervisor:
Leta Coleman

Family & Childrenīs Services Supervisor :
Teresa Gilliam

Adult Services Supervisor:
Rhonda Taylor

Income Maintenance Administrator:
Wanda Vinson

Adult Medicaid Supervisor:
Mona Taylor

Children's Medicaid/Work First Cash Assitance Supervisor:
Karen Lassiter

Food Stamp Supervisor:
Christine Moss

Work First Employment Supervisor/Day Care Supervisor:
Phyllis Canon

Child Support Supervisor:
Anne White

9467 NC Hwy 305
Jackson, NC 27845

Main Line (252)534-5811
Food Stamps (252)534-0521
Adult & Childrens
Child Support (252)534-0111
Work First (252)534-7046
CPS Hotline (252)534-1773